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Co-hosts Elbert Lewis and Alan McIntyre engage in some heated discussion related to the subject of reparations. The guys go a little “off the rails” in this episode, but lively and honest discussion can be quite healthy — and is sorely needed in America today.

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  1. buckeye s says:

    Three points.

    Mr. Lewis may have a heart of gold, but reparations–especially as he explained them–have to be the stupidest idea ever. Right up there with New Coke, the Hindenburg, and electing Obama. The money train will never stop, so his belief that reparations would call a halt to entitlements is a fantasy. The only way blacks are going to be disabused of their “need” to rely on white liberals is, unfortunately, to witness what’s been happening in Democratic-controlled cities across the country.

    Alan makes an excellent point about the expression “giving back.” That is one of the most insulting statements people say when they laud others for donating their time or money to someone else. The donor didn’t steal something in the first instance. I wish people would purge that expression from their PC vocabularies.

    Alan also makes a great point about what little black entertainers contribute to the black community. Too many produce nonsense. It’s pathetic, but more power to them I suppose. Unfortunately, blacks do too little to promote the many examples of those among them who lead exemplary middle-class or better lives. Instead, the goal among inner-city blacks, based on several years of tutoring in inner-city school, is becoming the next Beyonce, LeBron, or whoever.

    Mr. Lewis, reparations ain’t the answer.

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